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Glatz Pioneer have been providing pool covers for the past thirty years and with our customers we have developed the leading designs to cover their pool effortlessly. Our unique hands free covers are a joy to use and especially on those late evenings when one wants to get home or go to bed.

Our production facilities are throughout Europe with manufacturing here in the UK, Switzerland, Germany and France. All these skills are brought together and honed to provide the perfect pool cover system to suit our customer’s needs.

  • Commercial / Public Pool Covers "Hands Free" (Our unique design)
  • Wall Mounted Covers (limited by pool width)
  • Floor Mounted Systems for Commercial / Public Pools
  • Safety Covers for Private Pools (Thermo-Protect-Roll)
  • Fully Automatic Covers for Private swimming pools
  • Covers installed under the water (Slatted Covers Only)
  • Pool covers hidden in the ground (Slatted Covers Only)

If it is not listed it does not means it is not available, please ask we are here to help..

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Commercial / Public | Thermo-Roll | Thermo-Matic | Thermo-Protect-Roll

Types of Systems we offer.....

1. Fixed Bench | 2. Fixed Bench Seal Unit | 3. Wall Mounted With Sliding Bows | 4. Ceiling Mounted On Beam | 5. Column Mounted Hands Free | 6. Mobile Unit With Fixed Bench Seat On Tracks | 7. Basic Mobile Unit On Castors | 8. Mobile Bench System On Wheels Or Tracks | 9. Mobile Manual Or Motorised For Small Pools | 10. Mobile Twin Reel Manual System | 11. Mounted In Roof Space With Letterbox Opening | 12. System Olympia Mounted In Pool Surround Or Pool Floor Fully Submerged.

All of our pool cover systems have evolved over the past 30 years. The covers range from Thermo roll which is a foam cover has a five year warranty and comes in a colour choice of light blue , light grey and white to blend with any internal decor. Its ultra smooth surface and very lay flat material and welds running the length of the cover makes this very attractive on the pool and complements the "Pool Hall" without any nasty creases or calcium deposits. Its wipe clean surface is easy to maintain and very weldable should any on site repairs become necessary. This cover is used on all Commercial / Public Pools and many Domestic swimming pools and it is an excellent product and the best seller in our range.

Domestic pools fall into 3 categories, Plastic profile shuttering covers that come in 3 different types, Thermo-Comfort a robust profile for the larger pool. Thermo-Twist which gives the added bonus of allowing the cover to be turned over once it becomes dirty and Thermo-Matic Professional which has the slatted covers welded together with a rubber connection strip. All the systems are guarateed as you would expect from a company that provides quality products and workmanship from our factories here in the UK, Switzerland and Germany. There is virtually no restriction of colour choice but as with everything to be advised by your distributor. We have many, many systems that are still in use over 20 years. Please ask for details.

All of our products have been tested for there merchantable quality, design and function to meet our clients needs and should any product not meet this requirement then it shall be replaced.

Design & Installation is completed by our own Engineers we do not sub contract out our works, and goods are not fully paid for unless our clients are fully satisfied.

We can provide a Maintenance Service whereby an annual maintenance fee is paid and all minor repairs etc is covered under that service or running repairs can be conducted at a separate cost. Please ask for a quotation.

All servicing work and or repairs are guaranteed for 3 months.


An exclusive cover to Glatz Pioneer having been in use for the past 40 years. Its lay flat quality allows the cover to be welded extremely smoothly to give a very strong and attractive finish. It has been tested under the DIN Standards arguably the only standard for design of pool covers and the results are available needless to say this is the best foam cover you are likely to encounter. A five year warranty is available on this production in conjunction with our service package. It is available in a choice of colours of light blue, light grey and white.

Thermo-Protect Roll

Thermo-Protect-Roll Pool Covers Manual of Motorised go up to a maximum pool width of 6 metres. Thermo-Protect-Roll is the best 3 in 1 pool cover for the outdoor pool environment. First is its safety for children and pets, second is its debris protection, stops the winters debris from entering the pool and thirdly is the heat retention which the cover offers when the pool is covered and the heat is stored within the pool. The cover shuts out the sunlight therefore algae does not have the opportunity to grow thus no chemicals are required to clean, just vacuum and it is ready to go for the summer season. If you have an outdoor pool this will probably be the best pool cover you will invest in, it really does make an outdoor pool worth using.


Cover designed for the less disconcerting client who requires the luxury of a slatted cover but not the cleaning requirement that twist has to offer, good insulating value and a stronger cover for those large pool areas such as Public Pools.


A slatted cover is available for in-ground systems or above which can be turned over when it becomes dirty so that the clean under side can be used. It comes in a choice of various colours and solar. Guaranteed for 3 years but will last at least 10 years.

TM Professional

Is the ultimate in slatted covers. The whole board is filled with insulating foam and the slats are held together with a rubber bond that is unbreakable and so far has been in use for 15 years and comes with a Five Year warranty. Colour choices available, light blue, light grey or white.