A little bit about us...

Glatz Pioneer operate throughout the UK and in Europe. We offer a wide range of pool cover systems to suit all needs and budgets. We have provided exclusively to the Royal family, Earl of Inchcape, the Prime Ministers official residence, Television and Rock Stars alike, all seeking the quality that Glatz Pioneer are able to offer.

Our prime function is of course saving energy and the simpler this can be achieved the better for our customers as they see real savings and a good return in their investment through the savings that they achieve.

The majority of our cover systems are "Hands Free" (no one needs to touch them) ensuring that whoever operates the covers they are always used.

Glatz Pioneer covers range from our exclusive Thermo-Roll to our premium slatted covers that can be turned over once they become dirty.

Our systems will suit Commercial /Public or Private Swimming pools, School pools, Hydrotherapy pools and we offer fully automatic hands free covers for all or those wishing to do a little work themselves they can opt for a less sophisticated system. We have it all so just give us a call, over 30 years our systems have been in use and are guaranteed to last.

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Haberdasher Askes Boys School
Client required a pool cover that would fit into the roof space so that it did not interrupt the view of the users and leave the pool area with clear lines. The Roof structure is 7m above the pool water and the pool width is 18m . This could not be completed with a one roller system as we did with the 50m Gurnell Pool in Ealing as the loads for the motors would be too great. We therefore ..... Click the picture for more
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Oxford University
The pool is very heavily used by the University , with the pool in use from 6am through to 10 pm. The programming of the pool for Water Polo , Competition Swimming and Sub Aqua is heavily sub scribed leaving staff very little time for those important tasks especially deploying pool covers. Once again the requirement for "Hands Free" pool covers was paramount and also.... Click the picture for more
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White Horse Tennis & Leisure Centre
The entrance to the Centre is very attractive more akin to an Hotel Reception with very attentive staff, through the Reception area there is the Pool Hall spread out before you with views across the pool to the high windows on the far side of the Pool Hall. It was imperative that we did not block this very attractive building with pool covers in the way. Once again our design.... Click the picture for more