Energy Savings

The major costs within swimming pools are the heating and ventilation. Installing a pool cover will allow the pool air handling and heating systems to be shut down over night and or until the pool is required for use. This means that at least a third of that bill can be saved together a reduced plant running time therefore extending the life of the plant as well.

Should you require we are able to provide you with an energy calculation that will demonstrate the evaporation losses on your swimming pool thereby calculate the savings that can be achieved by placing a cover over the water during the pool closure. A pool cover will prevent and reduce the evaporation on the pool water thereby reducing the heat losses to the surrounding areas. A pool cover will also prevent condensation damage to the building structure without having to run the expensive air handling system that you may have in place. Shutting this equipment down will allow you to not only save money on the electrical cost but also extend the life of the equipment as it is not running 24/7. Please check with you installer / maintainer of your system before shutting anything down and please remember during the winter ensure your frost protection is working. If your not sure give us a call our advice is free.

Condensation is the real enemy in a swimming pool hall , any cracks within the building fabric the damp will get trapped as the building warms up and cools. The pool hall redecoration costs will also be reduced. Radiated heat from the cover that will always keep a moderate temperature in the pool hall. Prior to the cover being removed (20 mins) allow the air handling to run up and boost the air temperature prior. In the evening or closing the pool run the air handling for 20 minutes after the cover has gone on the pool to remove the moist air from the pool hall. Please remember if you do not shut the air handling system down then the only saving you may show is on the water heating. Enquire regarding our Save and Pay scheme an easier way to purchase a quality pool cover

Typical Saving 13 X 25m pool £16,000 p.a

Domestic indoor pool savings start at about £25 per square metre of water area depending upon the heating system being used.

Commercial, Leisure Centres & School Pools

Systems comprise of Column Mounted (all hands-free) Floor, Wall, Roof, Ceiling Insert, In the pool water, Under the pool floor, or buried in the pool surround (Olympia system).

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Domestic & Private Pools

Domestic Pools are very similar to the Commercial, Leisure Centres and School pools covers except Thermo safe roll which is a 3 in one cover for outdoor domestic pools, safety, debris and heat retention.

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