Oxford University
Pool Size 18.5 x 25m
Task: Design Develop Build Install Maintain
Oxford University Pool Cover Installation

The pool is very heavily used by the University, with the pool in use from 6am right through to 10 pm. The programming of the pool for Water Polo, Competition Swimming and Sub Aqua is heavily sub scribed leaving staff very little time for those important tasks especially deploying pool covers.

Once again the requirement for "Hands Free" pool covers was paramount and also clear access for pool equipment, Starting blocks, Water polo nets etc. We therefore had to design a system that would get the cover clear to the water without obstruction to the pool equipment and that is a one person operation.

Our design team came up with the solution, "A Triple Column System" that is "Hands Free" once again no need to touch it, it does it, its self. With our unique Thermo roll material the cover simply rolls out and rolls in , 4 minutes maximum and the jobs done. All the staff have to do is switch it on or off, this is the way to make the staff enjoy using the product so that the covers are used every night managing real energy savings.

“Looked hard to operate at the start but now its so easy” - 'Relax its Glatz'