Haberdasher Askes Boys School
Pool Size 18 x 25M Pool
Task: Design Develop Build Install Maintain
Haberdasher Askes Boys School Pool Cover Installation
Client required a pool cover that would fit into the roof space so that it did not interrupt the view of the users and leave the pool area with clear lines. The Roof structure is 7m above the pool water and the pool width is 18m. This could not be completed with a one roller system as we did with the 50m Gurnell Pool in Ealing as the loads for the motors would be too great. We therefore set our design team to design a structure that would be stable with a strong motor pulling 80kgs on a contiuouse lift for 4 minutes ensuring that the cover would roll up evenly, with out it running off or creasing.

We selected our Unique Thermo Roll material which when fitted will run very smoothly with its lay flat quality. Its pyramid design on the foam will not allow the cover to pick up water thereby keeping weight to a minimum and reducing the load upon the motor.

The out come is as we predicted to our client , the cover looks very attractive in situ and runs without any staff having to pull the cover over water and covers the pool very smoothly and is just as simple to remove.

“ We did not realise how easy it was going to be “ Just 'Relax its Glatz' that’s our motto.