White Horse Tennis & Leisure Centre
Client: 25 x 15.5m
Task: Design Develop Build Install Maintain
White Horse Tennis and Leisure Centre Pool Cover Installation

The entrance to the centre is very attractive more akin to an Hotel Reception with very attentive staff, through the Reception area there is the Pool Hall spread out before you with views across the pool to the high windows on the far side of the Pool Hall. It was imperative that we did not block this very attractive building with pool covers in the way.

Once again our design Team set to work, we would achieve the necessary height with this level deck pool but is was getting the cover to the water with the slimmest of systems to reduce the impact . Well the finish is excellent with a very small impact when you first walk into the building, ie you have to look for the cover system and an excellent reaction from the staff who enjoy using the cover system.

As the Manager said to a prospective Client” He had nothing but praise for Glatz Pioneer” again 'Relax its Glatz'.